The film is about a 'mayor' up for re-election that finds himself caught on tape smoking crack. How often do you get to work on a job like that? After watching the workprint of the film the first feeling I had was that this opening should be gritty. Let's mess up the frame. Let's go against the hundreds of polished title sequences we see everyday. In my mind it was to be as if a Troma film and the garbage pail kids had a baby.

As with all good work I started digging into a ton of reference.

We were given a lot of creative freedom to explore the sequence with the music being the only asset that was locked. During one experiment, I thought it would be cool to try and create the title typography out of cocaine (corn starch) and blow it away with a gust of air. I call that experiment the 'Sagmeister Scarface'. Alas, it didn't end up working out. Oh well. At least I got some optimum points(tm).

Early Explorations:

Say no to drugz.

Client: LaRue
Done while at Feather (Julian vanMil)