I had a great time working on this opening sequence for the hit CBC show Kim's Convenience while freelancing with studio feather in 2016. Working directly with the team at Showline Studios and SoulPepper Theatre early on was immensely helpful.

After our initial meeting and tour of the set, we were invited to watch 2 episodes in the middle of the editorial process. This allowed us to fully understand the vibe of the show and the rich world the characters lived in.

As we sat with the material it became really clear that the strength of the show was in the characters and the relationships between them. This show had heart! We added a colorful world around our dynamic cast of characters. I edited this opening and created multiple rounds of style frames before we finally landed on this blend of live footage and geometric shapes.

Studio: Studio Feather
Director: Julian van Mil
Producer: Pete Soltesz
Editor: Ian Flaig
VFX, Compositing: Julian van Mil
Motion Designers: Ian Flaig, Josephine Guan
Colour: Studio Feather